Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out?

A GABA supplement may be the answer for you. This neurotransmitter booster helps to calm the brain and reduce anxiety.

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the three best GABA supplements on the market. Read on to find out why we think they are worth trying!

We will also include our handy Buyer's Guide with all of the most frequently asked questions about GABA supplements (and our brilliant answers to them).  Then we will reveal our top pick for the best of the best in GABA supplementation.  Let's get started!

How we choose our WOW products

It can be hard to know which supplements are best since there are so many different options available.

With so many choices it can be hard to know which supplement is right for you. Do you go for the one with the most vitamins? The one that's organic? The one with the longest list of ingredients?

We have done all of the research for you and found the best GABA supplements on Amazon. These supplements are all highly rated by users and offer a range of benefits.  Here are our top three choices.

Best Overall Quality

NOW Supplements GABA 750mg

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Best Overall Quality

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

If you're looking for a natural way to promote relaxation and ease nervous tension, try GABA supplements from NOW Foods.

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is a non-protein amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter in the human brain. It's naturally produced in the body, but levels may decline with age.

Supplementing with GABA may help support healthy neurotransmitter function. NOW GABA capsules are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

GABA is a non-protein amino acid that functions as a neurotransmitter in the human brain and is naturally produced in the body.  As a result, a GABA supplement may help support the central nervous system.

In addition, their product is Kosher, Non-GMO, Halal, Vegan, and Soy Free. You can be sure you're getting a quality product when you choose NOW Supplements. They are GMP Quality Assured and their products are packaged in the USA by a family-owned and operated company since 1968.

Best for Stress Relief

Natural Factors Chewable Pharma GABA 100mg

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NATURAL FACTORS Chewable Pharma GABA 100mg

Best for Stress Relief

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

Looking for a non-drowsy way to relieve stress and support focus? Look no further than Natural Factors Chewable Pharma GABA 100mg!

This delicious chewable supplement is clinically studied and fast-acting, providing you with the relief you need to feel your best.

With just one tablet per day, you'll experience improved alertness, concentration, and emotional well-being - perfect for those times when stress is dragging you down.

Plus, their natural form of GABA is easy on your stomach and won't cause drowsiness, so you can enjoy all the benefits without any of the downsides.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

This supplement is made with Pharma GABA, a concentrated, natural form of GABA that's used by the brain to help ease nervousness and scattered thoughts.

Just take one or two tablets up to three times daily, and you'll start to feel more relaxed and at ease.

Plus, it's vegan, non-GMO, non-habit-forming, and free of gluten and soy. And it's third-party certified for purity and potency.

Best for Relaxation

Peak Performance Pharma GABA Vegan Capsules

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Peak Performance Pharma GABA Vegan Capsules

Best for Relaxation

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

If you're looking for a non-drowsy way to reduce stress, support mental focus, and promote rest and recovery, Peak Performance Pharma GABA is the perfect supplement for you.

Their ultra-high purity, all-natural GABA capsules are the most effective way to get the calming benefits of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA).

Clinical studies show that PharmaGABA plays a helpful role in reducing stress, improving concentration and mental alertness, and promoting a sense of calm.

PharmaGABA's patented formula is also vegan, Non-GMO, and made with only the finest ingredients. So if you're looking for a natural way to support your overall health and well-being, try Peak Performance PharmaGABA today!

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

This natural supplement is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible product.

Plus, it's vegan and free of gluten, GMOs, and other additives, so you can feel good about taking it.

And if that's not enough, Peak Performance will donate one unit of GABA for every unit purchased to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit organization that provides vitamins and minerals to children and mothers in need worldwide.

So not only will you be improving your own health, but you'll also be helping others when you purchase Peak Performance GABA.


Our “WOW Factor” Buyer’s Guide

People are often looking for a natural way to calm their minds and relax their bodies.

GABA supplements are one of the most popular natural ways to achieve this goal.

The best GABA supplements are made with all-natural ingredients and provide the perfect dose of GABA to help you feel more relaxed and focused.

But that doesn't mean that you don't still have questions.  No problem.  We have answers.  Here are the most frequently asked questions about GABA Supplements and our answers to them.

Are GABA supplements any good?

There is some preliminary evidence that GABA supplements might be helpful for anxiety, and some people also report that using GABA supplements helps them sleep better.

Overall, it's still too early to say whether or not GABA supplements are effective and safe since clinical studies are still ongoing. Initial anecdotal testimony from actual users is positive. If you're considering using GABA supplements, talk to your doctor first to get his or her advice.

How much GABA should I take for anxiety and sleep?

You can take anywhere from 250mg to 750mg of GABA for anxiety and sleep.

GABA is a calming neurotransmitter that helps promote relaxation and sleep. Most people find that taking 500mg of GABA before bed promotes a good night's sleep.

For anxiety, try 250mg to start, and increase the dosage as needed. GABA supplements are available as capsules or tablets.

How can I increase my GABA levels naturally?

There are a few things you can do to increase your GABA levels naturally.

First, you can try reducing stress levels. Stress increases cortisol levels, which in turn reduces GABA levels.

You can also try practicing some form of relaxation technique such as yoga or meditation (or prayer).

Another way to increase GABA is by increasing your intake of probiotics. Probiotics help to improve gut health, and when the gut is healthy, it helps to produce more GABA.

Lastly, you can try supplementing with gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) itself. There are many supplements on the market that contain GABA, and they are available in both pill and powder form.

Which is better for sleep GABA or L-Theanine?

It depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a support supplement to take before bedtime to improve the quality of your sleep, then GABA may be a better choice.

Research shows that taking GABA supplements before bedtime can increase the time spent in deep sleep.

Taking L-theanine before bedtime has also been shown to improve sleep quality but to a lesser extent. If you're looking for a supplement to take during the daytime to help with anxiety and stress, then L-theanine may be a better choice.

This is because L-theanine has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels, while GABA has not yet been shown to have these effects in clinical studies. GABA regulates stress and anxiety but whether or not it actually reduces them still needs to be proven.

Is GABA and 5 HTP the same thing?

GABA and 5 HTP are both neurotransmitters that play important roles in the body. GABA is responsible for regulating stress and anxiety, while 5 HTP is involved in regulating mood and appetite.

While they are similar in their functions, they are not the same thing. GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid, while 5 HTP is a synthetic compound.

Is 1000mg of GABA too much?

There is no straightforward answer to this question since it depends on various factors, including the individual's tolerance and response to GABA.

Some people may find that taking 1000mg of GABA is perfectly safe, while others may experience side effects such as headache, dizziness, or nausea.

Ultimately, it is important to start with a low dose of GABA and increase gradually as needed until you find the optimal amount for you.

Do GABA supplements work like Xanax?

GABA supplements are often marketed as a natural substitute for Xanax and other anxiety medications. However, there is limited scientific evidence to support the use of GABA supplements for anxiety relief.

Some people do find that GABA supplements help them to feel calmer and more relaxed, while others experience no noticeable effects. More research is needed to determine whether GABA supplements are an effective treatment for anxiety.

Should I take GABA in the morning or at night?

There's no definitive answer to this question since it depends on individual needs and preferences. Some people find that taking GABA in the morning helps them to feel calm and relaxed throughout the day, while others prefer to take it at night before bedtime.

If you're unsure of which is best for you, it might be helpful to start by taking GABA in the morning and then experimenting with different times until you find what works best for you.

Which is better GABA or Melatonin?

There is no simple answer to this question. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the brain and it helps to regulate sleep. GABA is a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate mood and anxiety.

Both supplements have their pros and cons, and it may depend on the individual's specific needs as to which one is better for them.

For example, people who have difficulty sleeping may find that taking melatonin supplements can help them get more restful sleep. However, some people find that taking too much melatonin can make them feel groggy or out of balance the next day.

GABA supplements are thought to be helpful for people who suffer from anxiety or depression symptoms. Some research has shown that GABA may help to improve mood and reduce anxiety. However, GABA supplements can cause some side effects such as headache, dizziness, or nausea.

Ultimately, it is important to experiment with both supplements to see which one works better for you.

Do GABA supplements have any side effects?

While there are no major side effects associated with taking GABA supplements, there are a few things to be aware of.

First, because GABA is a neurotransmitter, it is possible that too much GABA could cause nerve cell death.

Secondly, GABA supplements can interact with other medications (such as sedatives), so it is important to consult with a physician before taking them.

Finally, some people may experience increased anxiety or restlessness when taking GABA supplements, so it is important to start with a low dose and increase gradually as needed.

Overall, however, GABA supplements are generally safe and effective for most people.

Is Pharma GABA better than GABA?

There is no clear evidence that Pharma GABA is better than regular GABA. In fact, Pharma GABA may not even be real GABA in all cases. Some research suggests that it might be just a blend of other ingredients, such as taurine and glycine.

So at this point, it's hard to say which form of GABA is better. However, there is some evidence that regular GABA can cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain where it can bind to receptors and produce effects. Pharma GABA may not be able to do this as easily because it is a larger molecule.

Is it Ok to take GABA every night?

Yes, it is generally safe to take GABA supplements every night. However, it's always best to speak with a doctor before starting any new supplement regimen.

Our Best Advice

Looking for the best GABA Supplements? We’ve spent dozens of hours reading thousands of reviews on Amazon from verified customers to find the perfect GABA supplement for your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

My wife suffers from a generalized anxiety disorder so I am very close to this issue at the moment.  Of course, I am very interested in how to increase GABA naturally by reducing stress levels and taking probiotic supplements but a good supplemental GABA powder (like Nutricost GABA powder) is also often as a sleep aid.

Chronic stress is no joke and it can demonstrate high blood pressure, problems with weight management, and other nervous system issues.  GABA works well to reduce chronic stress and it has a calming effect and produces a calm mood during the day.  It promotes relaxation before you sleep (promoting alpha waves which help relax your mind).

When you increase GABA levels, the calming effect is almost immediate which is helpful.  It helps relax the mind which is the real problem with anxiety.  A high dose is not necessary if you take it regularly.  It provides the building blocks that act almost like a GABA receptor and because it can pass the blood-brain barrier (unlike synthetic GABA or L-theanine) it can provide stress relief without a relatively high dose.

The best GABA supplements can come as a GABA powder (with a pre-portioned scoop) or a capsule.  So long as they both contain a significant amount of the active ingredients and are premium quality then the relaxing effect that improves mood and reduces blood pressure will kick in.  Of course, you can also get GABA from food sources and fermented foods and a well-balanced diet, and regular exercise, all of which helps relax your mind.

Most supplements today are gluten-free, free of tree nuts, third-party tested and produced under good manufacturing practices in an FDA-registered facility but it's still good to check.  Product formulation is still important and gluten-free still matters to diabetics like me.  The fact that it is third-party tested is simply a by-product of the fact that the FDA does not recommend any kind of supplement and so a third-party system had to be developed.

Some people swear by their own favorite brands such as Pure Encapsulations or Natural Stacks (Natural Stacks is very interesting) and they are both good brands.  Some provide exclusive discounts (like Nutricosts GABA powder) which is always nice.

Some add vitamin b6 or vitamin c (or grape seed extract or lemon balm) to their formulas which is always helpful.  All of them are careful about artificial flavors and provide a perfectly portioned capsule.

But Pure Encapsulations or Natural Stacks (or even Nutricost GABA powder) are not the only good ones out there.  There are many others that also provide stress relief and deal with muscle weakness or add vitamin b6 (or l-theanine).  The best GABA supplements are simply the ones you take on a regular basis.

With all of that being said, it is now time for us to reveal our top pick for the best of the best in GABA supplementation.  Drum roll, please...


Our #1 WOW Choice (and why)

The Best GABA Supplement for YOU

Our No. #1 WOW Choice for the best GABA supplement is NOW SUPPLEMENTS GABA 750mg for providing the best neurotransmitter support.  This is a natural way to promote relaxation and ease nervous tension throughout the day and sleep better at night.

Especially as you get older, GABA levels may decline with age.  It is a non-protein amino acid that is naturally produced in the body but you need it as a neurotransmitter in your brain.  GABA may also help support the central nervous system.

NOW FOODS is a well-known brand that is family-owned and operated in the USA since 1968.  They are GMP Quality Assured and their products are Kosher, Non-GMO, Halal, Vegan, and Soy Free. That is a lineup of quality that we can get behind and gets our vote for one of the best GABA supplements on the market.  We hope you agree!

Remember to click on the button to check prices and availability on Amazon.  As always, the trick is to get started today!

Best Overall Quality

NOW Supplements GABA 750mg

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Best GABA Supplement

Best GABA Supplement

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