Welcome to my AMBSDR Review page!  You might be asking yourself what this is all about and it's a good question.  This website (and all of its content) has only been made possible by following a blogging strategy taught to me by Chris Luck in the AMBSDR community.  He calls it "being a BRAND AMBASSADOR."

Basically, I get to talk about anything I want (in the form of a blog post) and review products that are on Amazon.  When people click on my link to go and "Check Prices on Amazon" I make a small commission.  It doesn't affect how much the consumer is paying for the product.  The money comes from Amazon which charges a fee to the business that is advertising their product on the Amazon website.  

The trick is to get a lot of people coming to my website and therefore get lots of clicks through to Amazon.  This is a volume game.  It starts with a high-quality website and blog post (which the AMBSDR program teaches me how to do) and then you need to get indexed and ranked by Google.  This business model is not based on Google Ads first of all but on Google "organic" traffic (which is free but difficult to get).  

So there is training for all of that as well.  But the trick is to create lots of high-quality content on a subject of your choice and then be patient.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a business that you are building for the long term. And there is a lot of money in this kind of website when done properly.  For me, it is a retirement plan for passive income.  Chris Luck calls it "planting a money tree."

I have already seen it work (on a small scale) because people are starting to come to my website and click on the Amazon links.  I have an Amazon Associates account and I can see the metrics there as well as how much money I am making.  The fact that I am making any money at all proves that the system works.  Now it is just a question of scaling up the amount of blog posts I have and doing the promotional work, internal linking, backlinking and any other strategy I can think of to get Google ranking.  

One of the things I like most about Christ Luck and the AMBSDR program is that he is so detailed oriented.  Yes, his videos can sometimes go on for an hour or two but that's exactly what I want.  I don't want him to assume that I know anything.  It is all new to me.  I need the details.  I love the granularity of the approach.  

Another thing that I truly appreciate is the fact that Chris Luck is willing to teach so many EXTRA things that are not strictly necessary.  A lot of other mentors would charge for each individual course but Chris Luck just includes it all in the same package.  If you bought his AMBSDR program, you are on the inside and you have access to everything he teaches EVER.  I like that...

There are many other ambsdr reviews out there but I haven't found one that is negative about Chris Luck or his AMBSDR program.  That's saying something.  My suggestion is that you check it out and get involved.  Click on the link below to get more information.  Welcome to the AMBSDR community!