Feeling exhausted? You need an energy drink!

Not all energy drinks are created equal. In fact, some of them can actually make you feel worse. That's why we've put together a list of the three best energy drinks to help keep you awake and alert. Keep reading to learn more about them!

We will also include our handy Buyer's Guide with all of the most frequently asked questions about energy drinks to stay awake (and our brilliant answers to them).  Then we will reveal our top pick for the best of the best.  Let's go!

How we choose our WOW products

You are staring at your computer screen, trying to will yourself to focus on the task at hand. But your eyelids feel like they weigh a thousand pounds each.

It's 3 pm and you've been working for hours on end. Your eyes are bloodshot, your head is pounding, and you can't seem to keep your focus.

We have the perfect solution for you - an energy drink to stay awake! After reading thousands of reviews on Amazon, we have compiled a list of the top 3 energy drinks that will help you power through the rest of the day (or night).  Here they are.

Best for Staying Awake

NoDoz Maximum Strength Caffeine Alertness Aid 200mg

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NODOZ Maximum Strength Caffeine Alertness Aid 200mg

Best for Staying Awake

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

Looking for something to help you stay awake and alert? Look no further than NoDoz Maximum Strength Caffeine Alertness Aid.

This powerful product contains 200mg of caffeine, equivalent to 2 cups of coffee or 1 energy shot. So whether you're studying for an exam, working on a big project, or just trying to make it through the day, NoDoz can give you the boost you need.

Plus, it's calorie-free, sugar-free, and has no weird energy drink taste.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

Meet NoDoz: the caffeine pills that will help you power through your to-do list, finish that project, and conquer the day. NoDoz gives you 200mg of real caffeine, the energy boost you need to get it done.

Whether you're facing an important test, a long drive, or a big game, NoDoz will help you stay focused and alert. So don't let anything stand in your way—take NoDoz and get it done.

Best for Staying Alert

Equate Awake Caffeine Alertness Tablets

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EQUATE Awake Caffeine Alertness Tablets

Best for Staying Alert

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Looking for a little extra help staying awake and alert? Equate Stay Awake Caffeine Alertness Aid is just what you need.

These easy-to-swallow tablets pack a powerful 200 mg of caffeine, making them perfect for those times when you need an extra boost.

Safe and fast-acting, they're ideal for use when you're feeling drowsy and need to be at your best.

Plus, they're comparably priced to other leading brands, so you can save money without sacrificing quality. So next time you need a little help staying awake and alert, reach for Equate Stay Awake Caffeine Alertness Aid.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

Looking for a way to stay awake and alert, especially when you're on the go? Then check out Equate Stay Awake Pills.

These handy pills come in 200 mg doses and are easy to consume. They're also considered safe, as they've been reviewed by a panel of experts from the government. So if you're feeling drowsy but don't want to miss a beat, pop an Equate Stay Awake Pill and stay alert all day long!

Best Overall Quality

MuscleTech 100% Ultra-Pure Caffeine Tablets

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MUSCLETECH 100% Ultra-Pure Caffeine Tablets

Best Overall Quality

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

Looking for an extra edge during your workouts? Check out MuscleTech 100% Ultra-Pure Caffeine Tablets. These energy supplements are designed to help you stay focused and energized, both in the gym and in life.

Backed by science and made with only the highest-quality ingredients, MuscleTech 100% Ultra-Pure Caffeine Tablets are a great way to help you reach your fitness goals.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

This potent supplement is designed to help you fight fatigue, increase alertness, and maximize your workouts. Whether you're looking for an extra edge in the gym or just wanting to power through your day-to-day, this product is perfect for you.


Our “WOW Factor” Buyer’s Guide

We all know that energy drinks are great for a quick burst of energy, but sometimes we need something to help us stay awake for a long period of time.

It's no secret that energy drinks can give you a quick pick-me-up, but what about when you need to stay alert for an extended period of time?  We know you have questions.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about energy drinks to stay awake and our answers to them.

What energy drinks keep you awake the longest?

Caffeine is a stimulant that can keep you awake for a relatively long period of time. However, there are other energy drinks that contain other stimulants such as guarana and caffeine that can keep you more alert for an extended period of time.

How can I stop feeling sleepy?

There are a few things you can do to try and stop feeling sleepy.

First, make sure you're getting enough sleep every night. Most people need around 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Second, avoid drinking caffeine close to bedtime. Caffeine can keep you awake and disrupt your sleep cycle.

Third, avoid working or using electronic devices in bed. The light from screens can keep you awake and interfere with your sleep quality.

Finally, try to relax before bedtime by reading or listening to calming music. This can help you wind down and prepare for sleep.

If you're still having trouble staying awake, consider trying an energy drink. Energy drinks can provide a quick and easy way to boost your energy levels and help you stay awake.

What should I drink for an all-nighter?

When you pull an all-nighter, caffeine is your best friend. Drinking coffee, tea, or soda will help keep you awake and focused.

You can also try energy drinks, though be sure to read the labels carefully—some of them are very high in caffeine and may not be what you’re looking for. In general, it’s best to stick to drinks that you’re familiar with and that won’t make you jittery.

As for food, again, simple and familiar is probably best. A slice of pizza or a PB&J sandwich will give you some much-needed energy without weighing you down. And if you find yourself snacking more often than usual, try to keep healthy snacks on hand like fruits and nuts.

What's the best way to stay awake during a long drive?

If you're driving for a long period of time, it's important to stay alert and focused. The best way to do this is to make sure you're well-rested before your drive.

If you can, take a nap or two before you hit the road. And if you're driving at night, be sure to stop periodically to rest and avoid falling asleep at the wheel.

In addition, drinking caffeine can help keep you awake and alert. Coffee, tea, and energy drinks are all great options. Just be sure to drink in moderation so you don't end up feeling jittery or anxious.

Finally, listening to music or audiobooks can help keep you entertained and awake during a long drive. Choose something that's upbeat and engaging to help you stay focused on the road.

What is the best energy drink for studying?

The best energy drink for studying is probably one that has a low level of caffeine. Caffeine can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep, which can interfere with learning.

Some good options include drinks that are made with herbal teas or other natural ingredients. Some people also find drinks like smoothies helpful for boosting energy and focus. Whatever drink you choose, make sure to avoid sugary drinks and sodas, which can actually have the opposite effect and make you feel tired after consuming them.

What are the worst energy drinks?

There are a lot of terrible energy drinks out there. In fact, many of them are downright dangerous.

Some of the worst offenders include drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine. Such drinks can cause blood sugar crashes, dehydration, and even heart problems.

Another type of dangerous energy drink is the kind that contains artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners can often be up to 1000 times sweeter than sugar, and they can cause all sorts of health problems, such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, and even seizures.

So be careful when choosing an energy drink! The safest option is always a drink that is low in sugar and caffeine and doesn't contain any artificial sweeteners.

When should I drink an energy drink?

The quick answer is that energy drinks can be consumed anytime you need an energy boost. This could be first thing in the morning, before or during a workout, throughout the day as needed, or even at night.

However, it’s important to note that regularly drinking energy drinks can lead to negative health effects, so it’s best to limit your intake.

What should I look for in a healthy energy drink?

When looking for a healthy energy drink, it's important to check the ingredient list and avoid drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or other unhealthy additives.

Ideally, you should look for a drink that contains natural ingredients like caffeine, B vitamins, and antioxidant herbs like green tea and ginkgo Biloba. These ingredients can help boost energy levels and promote overall health.

What food or drinks make you stay awake?

To stay awake, many people turn to coffee, tea, or energy drinks. But there are other options if you want to avoid caffeine. There are a number of foods that can help keep you awake and alert, including:

1. Eggs: Protein-rich foods like eggs can help increase alertness and focus. And since they're fairly easy to digest, they won't make you feel sluggish.

2. Nuts: Another great source of protein, nuts can also help improve cognitive function and mental clarity. They're perfect for a quick snack when you need an energy boost.

3. Salmon: This oily fish is actually a great brain food. It's packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to improve cognitive function and memory.

Why do you crash after energy drinks?

When you drink an energy drink, the caffeine, and other stimulants in the beverage, work to increase your alertness and energy levels. These effects can last for several hours.

However, once the effects of the energy drink wear off, you may feel tired and crash. This is because your body has been working hard to keep up with the energizing effects of the drink and it may need time to recover once those effects dissipate.

Additionally, some people may be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine and find that they crash more easily after consuming energy drinks. If you find that you always crash after drinking energy drinks, it may be best to avoid them or limit your intake to one per day.

Our Best Advice

Looking for the best energy drinks to stay awake? We’ve spent dozens of hours reading thousands of reviews on Amazon from verified customers to find the perfect energy drink for your needs.   Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, the best way to stay awake is to use supplements NOT drinks.  They are higher quality and easier to control the impact on your body.  Of course, living a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise is the first stage but a good caffeine supplement is really the best way to go.  But there are other things to say as well, which apply to both energy drinks and supplements.

The best energy drink to stay awake is NOT one with the most caffeine.  Too much caffeine can, in fact, be counterproductive.  Think of it this way.  An energy drink for the purpose of a workout or other athletic performance is more like a sprint. You need instant energy and quickly but for a short period of time.  An energy drink for the purpose of staying awake in those late afternoon hours or when you are pulling an all-nighter to cram for an exam is more like a marathon.  Endurance over time is the issue.  Staying awake over hours is what matters.  Most energy drinks don't make that distinction but healthy energy drinks are not about more caffeine but about less caffeine and from a natural source.

Most energy drinks think about the problems of too much sugar which is actually counter-productive and makes you feel tired almost immediately after consuming it.  Sugar-free drinks are certainly the way to go.  But most energy drinks rely too heavily on their caffeine content to keep you awake.  Too much caffeine is also counterproductive for staying awake for hours.  The best energy drinks for staying awake are going to be sugar-free and low in caffeine content.  You don't want a blood sugar spike (or sugar rush) but you also want to limit your caffeine intake.

There is also an issue of caffeine sensitivity (or caffeine tolerance).  If you have a high caffeine tolerance, you may need to consume caffeine to stay awake.  Monster energy drink is thought to be a bit dangerous because it is often consumed like water but has a high sugar content (as well as other fillers and unhealthy ingredients).  It can have an effect on blood pressure and provide a greater risk for health issues.  Red Bull is another popular offender in this regard.

The problem is that they also work in the short run.  Caffeine works and added sugar works to give you more energy and keep you up all night long.  Black coffee also works and many energy drinks have either the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee or more (often twice as much).  So if added sugar and lots of coffee work, then why not just drink coffee with lots of sugar?  Many people do but they also know that that is not necessarily good for them in the long run.

The trick with supplements and energy drinks is to find something healthy that still gets the job done so that you can continue taking it over the long run without worrying about side effects or cumulative symptoms over time.  Whether you are interested in weight loss, physical performance or just pulling an all-nighter, red bull and monster ultra is probably not the way to go.  The human body is very adaptable and there are many ways and natural ingredients that can be used. Proper sleep promotes alertness when you are awake.  Vitamin B (and many other vitamins and supplements) can promote brain function better than a sugar rush. After a sugar rush comes sugar crashes and the sugar content may cause diabetes in the long run.

It may taste good and you may be willing to put up with a sugar crash, but diabetes is no joke.  If you are dealing with sleep disorders, then find a natural way to treat that condition instead of just trying to stay awake during the day (or night).  There are many energy drinks to keep you awake, but which ones can you take over time in the long run?  Not Red Bull.  Not Monster Ultra.  Don't tell yourself that an all-nighter is a once-in-a-while event.  You are using energy drinks to keep yourself awake and that can have long-term effects.  If you have a high caffeine tolerance then you are already on the way to having to deal with the long-term effects of caffeine (and the sugar content).

Generally speaking, a moderate amount of naturally sourced caffeine together with b vitamins for brain health and a good sleep schedule will give you five hours of alertness and staying awake (without the sugar crash afterward).  Green coffee beans or green tea is a better source of caffeine content than red bull and if you plan for your all-nighter with a focus on endurance rather than a sprint, you will realize that it isn't about more caffeine or sugar content but about a slow burning energy source that will keep you awake and alert for longer.

With all of that being said, it is now time for us to reveal our top choice in the best of the best energy drinks and supplements to stay awake.  Drum roll, please...


Our #1 WOW Choice (and why)

The Best Energy Drink for YOU to Stay Awake

Our No. #1 WOW Choice for the best energy drink to help you stay awake is MUSCLETECH 100% Ultra-Pure Caffeine Tablets for their best overall quality. And quality is very important in energy drinks and supplements.  The trick is to find a natural source of energy to help you stay focused and energized in your workouts and in life.  

MuscleTech is a very well-known and reputable brand in the sports market and therefore you can count on the quality of their products.  When it comes to caffeine products, this is vital.  

In order to fight fatigue, increase alertness and maximize your workouts, this is the supplement you are looking for.  Staying awake in those late afternoon hours so that you can power through your day or pulling an all-nighter to cram for an exam, in either case, this is the perfect product for you.  We hope you agree!

Remember to check prices and availability on Amazon by clicking the red button below each image.  As always, the trick is to get started today!

Best Overall Quality

MuscleTech 100% Ultra-Pure Caffeine Tablets

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Best Energy Drink to Stay Awake

Best Energy Drink to Stay Awake

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