Turmeric powder has been used for centuries in traditional Asian cuisine, but only recently has it come to be known as a valuable supplement with powerful medicinal properties.

In recent years, there’s been an explosion of interest in turmeric powder and its potential health benefits. So what is turmeric powder good for? How long does it take to get results? What is the best way/time to take turmeric powder? Is it necessary? Does it work? Are the reviews on Amazon true? Let's take a look.

What are the Benefits of Taking Turmeric Powder?

This yellow-orange spice contains curcumin, which is thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

As such, many people turn to this natural remedy for help with conditions like joint pain, digestive issues, depression, and even cancer.

It can also help boost your immune system and protect against heart disease. While these claims are yet to be fully substantiated by scientific research, anecdotal evidence suggests that taking turmeric powder can help promote overall wellness.

How Long Does it Take to Get Results?

The answer depends on your individual body chemistry and how you take the supplement.

Generally speaking, most people who take turmeric powder will start feeling some effect within two weeks or less; however, some people may require longer before they see any significant change in their symptoms.

Of course, if you start experiencing any negative side effects (such as nausea or dizziness) from taking turmeric powder you should stop immediately and consult your doctor.

What is the Best Way/Time to Take It?

It’s best to take your supplement with food or after a meal for optimal absorption into your system. You can also mix it into smoothies or other drinks if desired; however, be sure not to consume too much as this could lead to an upset stomach or other unpleasant side effects.

The general recommendation is one teaspoon per day; however if you’re using this supplement for therapeutic purposes be sure to speak with your doctor about dosage recommendations specific to your needs.


Taking turmeric powder supplements may not be necessary for everyone; however, if you suffer from chronic pain or inflammation then adding this natural remedy into your daily routine might just provide some relief without resorting to prescription medications with harsh side effects.

As always though make sure you do your own research before deciding whether or not a supplement is right for you – including reading up on both positive and negative reviews on Amazon – so that you can make an informed decision and enjoy all potential benefits while minimizing potential risks!

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