With so many garlic supplements on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

You might be wondering if aged garlic is better than regular garlic, are all brands the same, does potency matter, or what about third-party testing and nonGMO certification?

Don’t worry—we’ve got your answers right here!

Aged Garlic versus Regular Garlic

When it comes to choosing a good garlic supplement, it is important to consider whether aged garlic or regular garlic is better.

Aged garlic has been found to have higher levels of beneficial compounds than regular garlic. This means that aged garlic may offer more health benefits than regular garlic, including potential cardiovascular and immune system support.

Additionally, aged garlic is often easier to digest and less pungent than regular garlic.

Raw Garlic versus Garlic Supplements

Another factor to consider when selecting a good garlic supplement is whether raw garlic or a supplement is best for you.

Raw garlic can provide many of the same health benefits as supplements.

However, because raw cloves contain enzyme inhibitors that can interfere with digestion and absorption of some of their beneficial compounds, supplements may be a better choice in some cases.

Additionally, many people find raw cloves too pungent or difficult to eat in large amounts required for optimal health benefits.

Are All Brands The Same?

No two brands are exactly alike; however, there are certain criteria you should look for across all brands when selecting a good supplement.

Be sure to choose one that contains only 100% pure ingredients with no fillers or additives like sugar or artificial flavoring.

You should also make sure the product contains organic ingredients and has undergone third-party testing for quality assurance purposes.

Additionally, it's important to choose products made by companies that use non-GMO ingredients whenever possible.

Finally, pay attention to potency; some brands contain lower amounts of active ingredients than others so make sure you select one with sufficient potency for your needs.


When choosing a good supplement it's important to be mindful of all of these factors—from age and type of ingredient used (aged vs regular) to purity (organic/pure), potency (amount), and non-GMO certification (third-party testing).

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