Are you pregnant and looking for the best prenatal vitamins?

You're not alone! Prenatal vitamins are a critical part of keeping both you and your baby healthy during pregnancy. In this article, we will review the three best prenatal vitamins on the market and tell you why they are our top picks.

Keep reading to learn more about these amazing prenatal vitamins and find out which one is right for you!  We will also give you a Buyer's Guide with the most frequently asked questions about Prenatal Vitamins (and our brilliant answers to them).  Finally, we will reveal our top choice of the best of the best in prenatal vitamins.  Let's go!

How we choose our WOW products

It can be hard to find the best prenatal vitamins. There are so many different brands and types of prenatal vitamins available, that it can be overwhelming to try to figure out which one is best for you.

Most pregnant women don't take prenatal vitamins because they don't know which ones are the best. They also think that they are expensive and that they have to take a lot of them each day.  Not necessarily true.

We have found the best prenatal vitamins after reading thousands of reviews on Amazon. These top-rated prenatal vitamins come from a well-known and trusted brand, and they only require you to take one pill per day.  Here are our best three choices.

Best Overall Quality

Smarty Pants Daily Prenatal Formula

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SMARTY PANTS Daily Prenatal Formula

Best Overall Quality

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

Introducing SmartyPants Prenatal Formula Daily Capsule Multivitamin! This prenatal vitamin supplement is packed with 15 essential nutrients, including omega-3 ALA (from flaxseed oil), vitamin D3 for bone health, and probiotics for digestion.

Probiotics promote digestive health and gut strength with a 99% survivability rate and without the need for refrigeration. SmartyPants Prenatal Formula is certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and allergen-free.

It’s also safe for vegetarians. Give your baby the best start in life with SmartyPants Prenatal Formula.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

Their premium ingredients are in forms your body prefers, and they only use the best – no synthetic colors, artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners. They're also Non-GMO Project Verified and third-party lab tested for purity and potency.

Plus, their gummies are vegetarian, gluten-free, and gelatin-free. And there's no need to worry about allergens – their formula is free of milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, peanuts, wheat, fish, and tree nuts. And they don't even need refrigeration!

Best for Baby's Health

Nature Made Prenatal with Folic Acid & DHA

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NATURE MADE Prenatal with Folic Acid & DHA

Best for Baby’s Health

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

As a woman, you want only the best for your unborn child. You want to give them every possible advantage in life, including a healthy start. That's why you need Nature Made Prenatal with Folic Acid + DHA.

This prenatal multivitamin supplement contains vital nutrients like Folic Acid and DHA that are essential for a baby's development and mom's health.

Folic Acid is important for a baby's neural tube development and helps to prevent birth defects of the brain and spine. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that supports brain and eye health. It is also important for fetal development, especially during the third trimester when the brain and nervous system are rapidly growing.

Nature Made Prenatal with Folic Acid + DHA is specially formulated to support the health of both mother and child.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

Looking for a high-quality prenatal vitamin supplement to support your baby's healthy development? Look no further than Nature Made Prenatal with DHA and Folic Acid. Their unique formula is designed to support a baby's brain health, bone health, eye health, and nervous system.

Plus, it's made in the USA with quality global ingredients and is USP Verified for purity and potency. Adults take one softgel daily with water and a meal for optimal absorption.

And because they know that expectant mothers have enough to worry about, their Nature Made Prenatal vitamin supplement is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors.

Best Prenatal Gummy

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamin

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VITAFUSION Prenatal Gummy Vitamin

Best Prenatal Gummy

Why We Are “Wow-ed” By It

If you're like most women, you want to do everything you can to support your health during pregnancy. vitafusion PreNatal Gummy Vitamins are specially formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of both mom and baby.

These delicious gummies are a good source of folic acid, which is essential for the development of the neural tube, and also contain other important vitamins and minerals like vitamins A, C, D, and E. With no iron added, they're easy on the stomach and gentle on the system.

Each gummy provides a full spectrum of key nutrients, making them an ideal supplement for any pregnant woman.

What “Wow Factors” You Should Know About

These gummy vitamins are easy on the stomach and provide folate and DHA, two important nutrients for expectant mothers.

Featuring a delicious, natural fruit flavor, Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamin makes getting your daily vitamins a treat!

Plus, these vitamins for women provide an excellent source of folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B6 per serving.

Fish oil has also been added.  This is high-quality, purified fish oil that has been tested for mercury and PCBs.

Our “WOW Factor” Buyer’s Guide

Most women don't realize that they need to take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant.

Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal. In fact, most over-the-counter prenatal vitamins don't have enough of the right nutrients to support a healthy pregnancy.

The best prenatal vitamins have been expertly formulated with essential nutrients like Folic Acid, Iron, and DHA to help ensure a healthy pregnancy. Plus, these prenatals are easy on your stomach and can be taken with or without food.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Prenatal Vitamins and our answers to them.

What happens if you don’t take prenatal vitamins while pregnant?

If you don't take prenatal vitamins while pregnant, you put yourself and your baby at risk for a number of serious health problems.

Prenatal vitamins are essential for ensuring that your baby gets the nutrients they need to develop properly. Without them, your baby could end up with birth defects or other health problems. Without them, you're at increased risk for miscarrying or having a stillbirth.

A miscarriage is when a pregnancy ends before 20 weeks. About 15-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Stillbirth is when a baby dies in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy. About 24,000 babies are stillborn every year in the United States.

So if you're not taking a prenatal supplement, you're putting yourself at risk for these potentially devastating outcomes.

There's also evidence that suggests that taking a prenatal supplement can reduce the risk of preterm labor. Preterm labor is when labor begins before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

So not only are prenatal vitamins important for ensuring a healthy pregnancy, they may also help reduce the risk of preterm labor.

If you're pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, it's important to talk to your doctor about taking a prenatal vitamin. Your doctor can help you choose the best prenatal vitamin supplement for you and your baby.

How early should I start taking prenatals?

It's typically recommended that you start taking a prenatal vitamin around the time you begin trying to conceive. This will help ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs to support a healthy pregnancy.

Generally, prenatals should be continued throughout your entire pregnancy, and some women may even want to continue taking them after giving birth for a few months. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about whether or not prenatals are right for you.

Are prenatal gummies or pills better?

The jury is still out on which form of prenatal vitamin is best, but many experts believe that gummies may have an edge over pills.

That’s because gummies are easier to absorb and don’t require stomach acid for digestion, so they may be better tolerated by pregnant women who have nausea or suffer from heartburn.

However, some research has shown that pills may be more effective at raising blood levels of certain nutrients like folic acid and iron.

So ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what form of the prenatal vitamin your body responds best to.

What to look for in a prenatal vitamin?

Look for a prenatal vitamin that contains at least 400 micrograms of folate. This nutrient is important for the development of the neural tube.

You should also look for a prenatal vitamin that contains iron, as pregnant women are at risk for iron deficiency anemia.

Vitamin C and D are also important nutrients to look for in a prenatal vitamin. Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron, while vitamin D is important for bone health.

In addition, you should make sure that the prenatal vitamin you choose does not contain more than 1000 micrograms of vitamin A, as too much vitamin A can be harmful to the developing fetus.

What happens if you don’t take folic acid during pregnancy?

If you don't take folic acid during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of birth defects in your baby. Folic acid helps prevent certain birth defects of the brain and spine.

What should you avoid when taking prenatal vitamins?

You should avoid prenatal vitamins that contain high levels of Vitamin A. This is because large doses of vitamin A can be harmful to a developing baby.

Prenatal vitamins typically contain two forms of vitamin A: retinol and beta-carotene. Retinol is the form of vitamin A that is found in animal products, such as dairy products and eggs, and it can be harmful to a developing baby if taken in high doses.

Beta-carotene, on the other hand, is a form of vitamin A that is found in fruits and vegetables, and it is not harmful to a developing baby.

When should I take folic acid morning or night?

Most supplements recommend taking folic acid in the morning with breakfast because it is a water-soluble vitamin and is best absorbed on an empty stomach. However, if you are experiencing nausea, take it at night instead.

Do prenatals make you gain weight?

Prenatal vitamins don't make you gain weight on their own. However, they are a supplement and not a substitute for eating a healthy diet. If you're concerned about your weight, talk to your doctor or midwife about how many calories you need during pregnancy. They can help you create a meal plan that will give you the nutrients you and your baby need without the extra calories.

Why do prenatals make hair grow?

Prenatal vitamins are designed to support the health of both the mother and the developing baby. One of their key functions is to promote growth and development, which includes hair growth. Prenatal vitamins typically contain much higher levels of certain nutrients than standard multivitamins, such as folic acid, biotin, and vitamin B9.

These nutrients are essential for cell division and DNA synthesis, both of which are necessary for hair growth. So while taking prenatal won't necessarily turn you into a Rapunzel overnight, they can help support healthy hair growth.

Do prenatal vitamins give you bigger breasts?

No, prenatal vitamins will not give you bigger breasts.

Some women may experience an increase in breast size during pregnancy due to the hormone changes that occur, but this is not due to the prenatal vitamins themselves.

Additionally, prenatal vitamins are not intended to be taken for the purpose of increasing breast size – they are meant to help support a healthy pregnancy.

If you’re looking for ways to enlarge your breasts, there are other methods available (such as surgery) but taking prenatal vitamins will not have any effect.

Do prenatal vitamins clear your skin?

There is no evidence that prenatal vitamins clear your skin.

In fact, some research suggests that taking large doses of vitamin A (a common ingredient in most prenatal vitamins) can actually have the opposite effect and lead to acne.

The best way to clear your skin is by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, and by using natural skin care products.

Our Best Advice

Looking for the best prenatal vitamins? We’ve spent dozens of hours reading thousands of reviews on Amazon from verified customers to find the perfect Prenatal Vitamins for your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, when it comes to a prenatal supplement, the issue is always and foremost the prenatal nutrients they contain.  The best prenatal vitamin will have key nutrients to prevent neural tube defects and your baby's brain development.

Nutritional deficiencies in our modern diet require a supplement of vitamins and minerals anyway but when you are pregnant it becomes even more important.  Not only vitamin d for bone health but also supplemental folic acid (and perhaps an iron supplement) are expected.

Many prenatal vitamins will have some vitamins and minerals (a sort of prenatal multi), of course, but will they have the right ones for you?

That leads us to the second thing to always keep in mind.  The ingredient list is key for the best prenatal vitamin but you also need to know what key nutrients you, personally, need above and beyond the normal.  The need to deal with morning sickness aside, certain vitamins are needed by everyone and some are not.

A daily prenatal vitamin may need something like eight b vitamins or function as an additional calcium supplement, perhaps with chelated minerals to support fetal brain development.

Nutrient deficiencies in the brain and spinal cord can best be addressed with a nutritious diet and nutrient-dense foods of course but a prenatal multi-DHA (like Nature Made Prenatal Multi-DHA or the Fullwell Prenatal Multivitamin) may be useful.

Other prenatal supplements such as Chapter Perfect prenatal multivitamin or Garden of Life, or even One-a-Day Women's Prenatal Multivitamin can all be helpful to a pregnant person.  Other prenatal vitamins can prevent preterm birth with methylated folate but One a Day Women's Prenatal Multivitamin or Garden of Life is simply not enough in most cases.  Honest Company Prenatal Multivitamin (or Ritual Essential Prenatal Vitamins) and especially Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies are better choices.

Pregnancy complications are avoided only with critical nutrients which begin with a healthy lifestyle supported by dietary supplements including a prenatal multi (like Nature Made Prenatal Multi).  Most prenatal supplements are gluten-free and without artificial sweeteners but may not have other nutrients (such as a DHA supplement like Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA) that you need.

A good gummy prenatal vitamin with key nutrients (such as vitamin d and prenatal multi DHA) is worth its weight in gold.  Nature Made Prenatal Multi-DHA is one of them but not the only one or even the best one.  When it comes to prenatal supplements or any other dietary supplements, don't look for prenatal vitamins FDA approved status.  Prenatal supplements and dietary supplements stand on their own.

With all of that being said, it is now time to reveal our top choice for the best of the best in prenatal vitamins.  Drum roll, please...

Our #1 WOW Choice (and why)

The Best Prenatal Vitamin for YOU

Our No. #1 WOW Choice for the best prenatal vitamin is SMARTY PANTS Daily Prenatal Formula for best overall quality.  They have more than 15 essential nutrients in their blend including Omega 3 ALA (from flaxseed oil), Vitamin D3 for bone health, and probiotics for digestion.  That's a combination every expecting mother should have.

Plus all of the other things that new mothers have come to expect from a high-quality supplement or vitamin.  No synthetic colors, artificial flavors, or sweeteners.  And they are Non-GMO Project verified and third-party lab tested for purity and potency.  Nothing to sneeze at, that's for sure.  We hope you agree!

Remember to click on the button below the image of your chosen brand and check for prices and availability on Amazon.  As always, the trick is to get started today!

Best Overall Quality

Smarty Pants Daily Prenatal Formula 

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Best Prenatal Vitamins

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