Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is believed to be more powerful than CoQ10, and many people are turning to it as an alternative supplement.

But what should you look for when choosing a quality astaxanthin supplement? Let’s discuss the key factors to consider.

Form and Absorption

The form of astaxanthin is important because different forms are absorbed differently by the body.

Natural astaxanthin is typically derived from algae or krill oil, and this form can be more easily absorbed by your body than synthetic varieties.

If possible, opt for natural astaxanthin whenever possible, as it will be better absorbed and utilized by your body.

Potency and Quality

The potency of the supplement matters, too; not all brands are created equal! When shopping for astaxanthin supplements, look for one with a higher concentration (at least 4mg per capsule). This will help ensure that you get effective results from taking the product.

Additionally, make sure to look for products made with high-quality ingredients; if you’re unsure of a brand’s quality standards, check out their website or read some customer reviews before purchasing.

Organic/Pure/Non-GMO/Third Party Testing

When shopping for supplements, it’s important to look for products that are organic, pure, non-GMO, and third-party tested.

These buzzwords might seem intimidating at first glance but they simply indicate that the product has been verified as clean and of good quality by an external source – usually a laboratory or certification agency such as USDA Organic or NSF International Certified For Sport™.

Additionally, non-GMO means that none of the ingredients used have been genetically modified in any way so you know you're getting only natural ingredients in your supplement.  

Finally, third-party testing means that an independent lab has tested the product to verify its safety and effectiveness prior to release on the market so you can trust that what's on the label is actually inside each capsule!


Amazon is a great place to shop for astaxanthin supplements because they offer a wide selection at competitive prices and they provide detailed information about each product so you can easily compare them side-by-side before making your purchase decision.

With all these factors taken into consideration – form/absorption rate, potency & quality, organic/pure/non-GMO/third party testing – you can rest assured that whatever astaxanthin supplement you buy from Amazon will meet your needs and expectations!

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